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Belt Promotions & Rank Advancement

Belt promotions are the core of the goal setting process, which is a tradition in the martial arts. Belt promotions allow students who have completed their belt requirements to demonstrate their progress and celebrate reaching their goals. Belt promotions are held once a month. Students must earn all required stripes on their belts and demonstrate that they are following the student creed in all areas of their life to receive an invitation for promotion. Belt promotions are designed to be a celebration rather than a test. Students that receive their belt promotion invitation have already been tested on their skills through the belt striping system. Mastering the skills necessary for promotion is dependent on experience, proper attitude, and practice time. Class attendance alone is not sufficient for promotion. The skills must be mastered and the intensity and commitment must increase as the student moves up in rank. There is a $35.00 promotion fee for each promotion.

Belt Striping System

When a student masters each of the five required areas: forms (white stripe), self-defense (red stripe), one-step (blue stripe), techniques (Black Stripe), and sparring (green stripe, techniques must be awarded first), in class they are awarded with a stripe on their belt. The stripes allow the student, instructor, and parents to know exactly which area(s) they have mastered and which ones still need work. We will have designated stripe testing days during each month. This will allow students to set their goal appropriately and know exactly when they need to be ready to test for a stripe. Once a student has obtained all required stripes and has demonstrated the proper attitude in class and at home, they will receive a belt promotion invitation.

Belt Structure

Lil Dragons

  • White Belt
  • White / Purple Stripe Belt
  • White / Orange Stripe Belt
  • White / Yellow Stripe Belt
  • White / Green Stripe Belt
  • White / Blue Stripe Belt
  • Orange / Black Stripe Belt


  • White Belt
  • Orange Belt
  • Orange / Black Stripe Belt
  • Yellow Belt
  • Yellow / Black Stripe Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Green / Black Stripe Belt
  • Blue Belt
  • Blue / Black Stripe Belt
  • Brown Belt
  • Brown / Black Stripe Belt
  • Red Belt
  • Red / Black Stripe Belt
  • 1st Degree Black Belt